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Our Vision

“ To provide a safe, nurturing place where children are able to find the magic in their own learning, empowering them to become independent, curious and creative thinkers, prepared for their journey on to school.”

About Our Setting


Our Pre-School is a small village setting that forms part of Froxfield CofE Primary School’s provision. Based in Froxfield Memorial Hall, next to the main school building, our setting is open plan and takes full advantage of the large hall space. The natural, neutral tones provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere for the children. It is surrounded by beautiful open countryside, a small wooded area and a gated park – all of which we use regularly. Being part of the school means that we are lucky enough to have access to their facilities, including a yurt, a well stocked library and numerous outside play spaces. Our pre-school also has its our own gated garden with raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables along with a rustic mud kitchen.

We provide care for a maximum of twelve children in any session, aged from 2 years  to school age. We open term times from 9am – 3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 9am – 12pm on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Our pre-school environment is designed to inspire interest and curiosity. It is a special place containing a range of open-ended, authentic resources which invite the children to explore, play and learn. Both staff members are trained teachers, with specialisms in early years, who strive to provide a nurturing, caring environment where the whole family feels welcome, involved and valued. Our small numbers mean that we can be flexible in meeting the demands of family life. We get to know each child as an individual and this allows us to build close relationships with each of our families.

Settling In


The transition from home to pre-school is a major milestone for both you as parents/carers and your child. It is a process that will usually occur over a period of time. To make this process as smooth as possible, settling in sessions are recommended. The settling in sessions are intended to bridge the gap between home and pre-school, helping your child become accustomed to our setting and allowing them time to form an attachment with their key person. Usually, this process consists of a series of accompanied visits to pre-school, which will gradually increase in length. We want every child and family to feel comfortable and confident, we recognise that every child is different and so the settling in process will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Communication is an essential part of the settling in process. Because you are your child’s first and foremost educators,  we value your input about care routines, likes and dislikes or the requirement of a comfort object. Sharing this information can help your child’s key person develop a positive experience for your child.  Comfort objects or transitional items can help your child settle more easily as they provide your child with a link to home thus giving them security and familiarity. If your child has a special toy or object, each child will have a designated trug in which these items can be placed, when not in use….so they do not get lost.

We recognise that for some children the transition from home to pre-school may be connected by a child minder, family member or another setting. Should this be the case, we can provide a shared information book. This book is a way of communicating with your child’s key person and vice versa. The shared information book allows for achievements to be celebrated with you and alternative carers via a written statement.

Preparation is key to  success, so that when the time comes to leave your child, everything and everyone is ready to get off to a positive start.   

Key People


At Froxfield Pre-School, we use the key person approach, as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  It is recognised that children thrive when they have a base of loving, secure relationships.  As they begin to make the transition from home to pre-school these emotional bonds can be supported  by  providing  children with a designated key person. The role of the key person is to be responsible for a small group of children. They will get to know each of these children as individuals and will support each child’s sense of identity and individuality. 

During the settling in sessions, we will spend time getting to know both you and your child and will allocate a key person prior to your child starting their first unaccompanied session.

Your child’s key person will be aware of your child’s needs, preferences and development. They will also be the main adult responsible for providing your child’s intimate care, such as nappy changing, sleep times (should your child require a rest) and physical closeness.


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