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Froxfield CofE Primary School's after-school childcare provision is run by Cindy Groves.  The provision is available from Monday to Thursday until 6pm.      Bookings will have to be made by parents online via Scopay at least 24 hours prior to the booking. Please note that accounts must be in credit to book a session; payment should be made online before booking.    For emergency last-minute bookings, please contact the school office via telephone or email to check availability.

The sessions available for booking will be as follows:


          Session A 3.15pm to 4.15pm £5

          Session B 3.15pm to 5.00pm £8

          Session C 3.15pm to 6.00pm £13

          Session D 4.15pm to 5.00pm £3

          Session E 4.15pm to 6.00pm £8

Cindy is a very experienced childcare worker who has managed her own nursery for many years.  She is extremely well-qualified and is thrilled to be running our after-school provision at Froxfield. 


Cindy plans a range of activities including arts and crafts, gardening, stories and outdoor play and will always listen to the thoughts and ideas of the children.   Children are given the opportunity to experiment and challenge themselves with up-cycled and recycled materials where possible.

The club, known as Cindy’s Club, takes place on the school premises and is run under the same policies and procedures as the school.  Each afternoon the session will start with a snack and drink followed by free-play or story, before moving on to the afternoon’s activity.

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The children above were making natural paintbrushes using bamboo, feathers and leaves.  The children fixed the items together using wire and masking tape.  The children were encouraged to make a mark using their brushes and water on the pavement outside.  Some children used their brushes to clean the bikes!!