Class One

Welcome to Class One

My name is Mrs Ingham Thomas and I have a passion for teaching and lots of experience of teaching children in the Foundation Stage and Year One.    

Together with Mrs Badman, I plan to provide fun, hands-on activities within a safe and stimulating learning environment, which will promote motivated, enthused and eager learners. Your child will have time to initiate their own learning through play. They will also take part in teacher led whole class, small group and individual activitives.


Throughout the year we will plan activities based on particular themes or learning clusters which will be enhanced by learning outside the classroom, including school trips.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are all looking forward to teaching your child and working in partnership with you to support your child’s learning.

Mrs Ingham Thomas and Mrs Badman

We try and keep routines as simple and consistent as possible in school to help children feel settled and secure. A usual school day in Class One looks like this:



8.45am  Reading routine – children read with an adult, individually or part of a guided reading group,  and / or change their books

9.15am  Activate morning warm-up

9.30am  Work time begins – children use the different workshop areas and may also work in small groups directed by a member of staff.   This may be a literacy or numeracy based session or linked to children’s interests or the current learning cluster.

10.20am Tidy up time, snack and playtime

10.45am  Mental Maths

11.00am  Maths or literacy session

11.40am  Letters and sounds session

12pm – 1pm  Lunch

1.00pm  Story / book sharing with class

1.20pm  Handwriting

1.40pm  More work time and group work covering all areas of learning such as understanding the world and science or some days it will be music, PE,  Golden Mile, library book changing …

2.45pm  Collective Worship