Class One Links KS1 science

We are doing animals in science and there is a section with games to help the children reinforce understanding of animal groups. KS1 English

This website has a phonics page with phases 1 and 2 both Larks and Wrens can play these games.

Larks go onto grammar, punctuation and spelling section and click on spelling do compound word game, prefix and suffix game and punctuation game.

Maths games as follows:

Year R go into KS1

Mental maths train: + one more to 20, - up to 20 1 less

Caterpillar ordering: forward 1 to 20, backward 20 to 1, sequencing 1 to 10, 0 to 20 in 2’s

Shape patterns: start at level 1

Underwater counting: up to 10

Toy shop game: 1 coin 1p up to 10p, 2p up to 20p

Year 1 go into KS1

Hit the button: number bonds to 10, doubles to 10, halves to 10 and 20

Mental maths train: + bonds to make 10, up to 10, - up to 20 minus single digit

Caterpillar ordering: 100 to 1, 100 to 0 in 10’s, sequencing 0 to 100 in 2’s

Shape patterns: start at level 1


Toy shop game: 1 coin 1p up to 10p, 2p up to 20p, 5p up to 50p, 10p up to £1


There lots of maths games and activities for KS1 There are lots of different fun activities and games on this website

Google Mr Thorne does phonics and the sound from the green strip you would like your child to practise. This is a fun video clip for the children to listen to and join in with.