Class Three

Welcome to Class Three

In Year 3 and 4, we become more independent and responsible for ourselves and our possessions, together with looking after our school environment. We enjoy fun, stimulating learning opportunities which, where possible, are linked to our topics.

We are expected to read regularly and more widely, to adults as well as on our own. We develop our skills in inferring meaning from texts. We also try to improve our presentational skills by varying our pace and expression when reading aloud.

In our writing, we think more carefully about our choice of vocabulary, which we constantly try to improve; we try to use a wider variety of conjunctions and we try to vary our sentence structure by changing our openings (fronted adverbials) and adding in additional pieces of information (expanded noun phrases).

In maths, we consolidate our times tables up to 12 x 12 and work more extensively on the formal written methods of the four operations (+, -, x and ÷). We also deal with concepts such as perimeter and area; fractions, decimals, factors and multiples also feature prominently in our maths work in Year 4.

If you have any questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Burchett

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