Gold Book

gold book4

Gold Book Celebration Worship is our way of recognising the children’s learning both in and out of school.  It is held each week, on a Friday.   

Shining Star Certificates - Teachers share an example of learning for two children in each class who have 'stood out', whether for their outstanding attitude or a superb piece of work.  They receive a certificate with their name and particular achievement.

Headteacher's Award - For an outstanding piece of work, written or otherwise.  Children have their name in the achievement book and receive a Headteacher's Award sticker.

House Point Update - Which house is currently ammassing the most house points?

In the Gold Book this week… - Two children, chosen by a different adult each week, who we would like to highlight for a particular reason. Kindness to others, persistence, learning new skills, making the right choice even if it is difficult; anything worthy of praise.  These children are then photographed holding the Gold Book, each child receives a copy of their picture and a copy is pasted into the Gold Book itself.