All the experiences that the children have during and because of their time at school form part of their learning and are included in our understanding of ‘curriculum’. Children learn best when they are able to make sense of their learning through active, language-rich experiences within, outside, and beyond school. We aim to provide children with meaningful experiences that connect them to the real world and provide rich opportunities for learning and progress.


Children thrive when they are taught mutual respect in an inclusive environment. We aim to build a nurturing community underpinned by Christian values where diversity is celebrated. We foster children’s independence and sense of self esteem and aim for a strong pupil voice within the school. We encourage a sense of our belonging to local, national and global communities.


Experiences of school are shaped by both the physical and emotional environment. We aim to create a stimulating environment, both inside and outside, which safely challenges and supports children on a daily basis. The physical and emotional environment reflects our identity and values as a community but also provides the vehicle to celebrate our achievements. We encourage children’s involvement in the school environment to support their learning as well as their understanding of wider environmental issues.


Effective systems are necessary to support school self evaluation which leads to a continuing cycle of improvement for children.  All monitoring and evaluation activity in school will support the stated aims of our vision and everyone within the school community has a role to play.  We aim to make the links between our vision, our aims and our practice explicit and transparent.

Our Vision

At Froxfield Primary, school life is founded on our core Christian Values of Love, Courage and Respect. We strive to develop our children as global citizens with a fulfilled, informed, ambitious and caring purpose to their lives: having respect in their dealings with others; a practical love for all and courage to persevere for what is good and right.


We believe that children’s well being, enjoyment and learning go hand in hand and are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to enable children to become effective learners who take pride in their own progress and achievements as they continue on their life-long learning journey. Four areas underpin our vision;

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