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What to bring to pre-school


We try to provide the children with free flow between the outdoor garden and the indoor hall. This means that the children have the opportunity to access the outside in most weathers. If possible we suggest that the children have a pair of welly boots that can be left at pre-school and clothing suitable for the weather and season e.g. a warm coat or a sunhat. Although we have a comprehensive box of clothing, it is always a good idea to put a change of clothes (including socks) inside your child’s bag. This means that should your child not quite make it to the toilet in time or they get wet or muddy, they have familiar clothes to change into. For those children who are not yet toilet trained, we would ask that you also bring nappies and wipes.

Please could every item of clothing be clearly named.

Please also remember that our aim at Froxfield Pre-School is for the children to learn through exploration, creativity and fun. We have a range of aprons used for painting, water play and the mud kitchen, yet the children do sometimes get messy, so please do not send your child in special clothes or shoes.

Healthy Eating


At Froxfield Pre-School we encourage healthy eating. We provide a healthy snack during the morning session, which usually consists of  fruit or veg and milk or water. We view this time as both a social time and learning opportunity. Our children are encouraged to help with the preparation of snack, they help to share the snack out between their friends and then they wash up afterwards. Every child gets regular opportunities to cook, as we prepare a cooked snack - weekly e.g. soup, flapjack, cheese straws. Water is always available for the children to have a drink.

Please make your child’s key person is made aware of any food intolerances or allergies

We see lunch time as a wonderful opportunity to promote communication and language and independence skills. We all sit together to have lunch and our children are supported, so that they can self-serve. They are also encouraged to scrape their plates once finished. At lunch time, we are able to offer a hot dinner, for a small fee. This is bought over from the school, or families can send in a packed lunch from home, should they prefer. The school’s hot dinner menu works on a three weekly cycle and we simply ask that parents assist their child in choosing between a vegetarian or meat option as they arrive each morning.

For those families who would prefer to bring a packed lunch, we are a nut free setting. We politely ask that you bring in healthy food. Lunch boxes will be refrigerated until lunchtime.

For safety reasons we also ask that food is cut up appropriately. Mini sausages, grapes and cherry tomatoes are particularly noted as being potential choking hazards. Therefore we ask that you please cut them in half - long ways, so that they are not able to form a plug.

Accidents and Illness


Whilst we work very hard to keep every child in our care safe from harm, sometimes children fall over or bump themselves. It is vital that you remember to keep telephone numbers updated and that you have back up telephone numbers in case we are unable to get hold of you on the first number. In most cases staff reassure the child, clean any wounds and sit quietly with them until they are feeling better. If your child has bumped their head, we will place a ‘bumped head sticker’ on the child’s back (so it cannot be peeled off) and if we deem necessary - may call you.


For any accident that occurs within pre-school, we will complete an accident record. This record will detail: what happened, the time and  the treatment received, you will be asked to sign this record sheet when the child is collected. Both members of staff hold a paediatric first aid certificate.

We need to be advised if a child has had a bump at home or on the way to pre-school which results in a visible bump, cut or bruise, we may ask that you write in an existing injury book.

Young children whilst building up their immunity systems, tend to pick up a lot of coughs, colds and bugs, especially during their first few years in school. We politely ask that if your child has sickness or diarrhoea in particular, you allow 48 hours before you bring them back to pre-school. We understand this can be challenging when parents are working, however, such illnesses continue to circulate, resulting in staff and other children becoming poorly.


If your child is coming to the end of a course of anti-biotics and you require us to administer a dose, then we would ask you as parents/carers to complete a medication permission form.

During the warmer weather, we ask that parents apply sun cream prior to arriving at pre-school. We are happy to reapply sun cream and simply ask that you give your child’s key person a named bottle of sun cream from which to do this. We can give inhalers and life-saving medicines. Our staff have been trained in the use of auto injectors and have also had epilepsy training. 



We aim to provide the highest quality education and care for all our children. We welcome and value every individual child and their family and hope to provide a warm, caring inclusive environment in which children can learn and develop as they play.

Our intention is to work with parents, other professionals and the local community and we value feed-back. If for any reason you are concerned about any area of our provision, please feel free to speak to either your child’s key person, the Pre-School Manager – Gillian Jones or the Headteacher – Mrs Farrow, who will attempt to resolve any issue.

We hope that any issues can be easily resolved, however, if the matter is still not sorted out to your satisfaction, then please visit our complaints policy which is available both on the information tables in the entrance hall and also on our website. This policy breaks down the different stages to making a formal complaint and provides information about contacting Ofsted.



Our pre-school specific policies can be found as a hard copy on the information tables in the entrance hall. They can also be found by following this link:   Preschool Policies. We would politely ask that you read the pre-school policies as you will then be asked to sign to say that have done this. 



We are registered to receive Early Years Education funding from Hampshire County Council for three and four year olds and eligible two year olds.  Our non-funded hours are competitively priced at £5.50 per hour and a two course hot meal is available to children at £2.00 per day.

Please ask Melody Fry, our Finance Officer, for further details -

Find us:    High Cross, Froxfield, Nr Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 1EG

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