Pre-school News:


We celebrated World Book Day with ‘Books at Breakfast’. It was lovely to welcome so many parents into Pre-School for breakfast and it was truly magical to hear them sharing their favourite stories with their children.


Last week also saw the children make a very exciting discovery on their arrival into PreSchool … ‘something’ had left a nest with a rather large blue egg inside. After much discussion, it was decided that it must belong to a dinosaur!

Over the following days the children watched and waited, looking after the egg until at last it began to crack. Finally, on Friday morning the children came in, to find giant footsteps leading out into the garden, where the children found a thank you letter from Mummy Dinosaur, who had returned to collect her baby. So many rich learning opportunities unfolded as a result of the ‘egg’ provocation, with the children demonstrating a real sense of awe and wonder, which was a total joy to behold!

Gillian Jones

Pre-School Manager

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