Welcome to Froxfield Pre-School!

Froxfield Pre-School is a small, village pre-school catering for a maximum of 12 children in any session. We offer a variety of activities within a beautiful, rural setting, with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities as well as access to the range of facilities available on the school site.

The school took over the management of the pre-school in October 2019, following many successful years as Rainbows Nursery. Conveniently situated in Froxfield Memorial Hall, it is surrounded by beautiful open countryside. There is ample parking making it easy for drop off and collection.

Hot school lunches are available for all pre-school children on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at £2 per day.   The meals are cooked on the school site by Hampshire Catering staff and brought over to the Village Hall.  The meals follow a three week rota, with children having a choice of a meat or vegetarian option each day.

Our Pre-School Manager, Gillian Jones is a qualified Early Years Teacher with a wealth of experience within pre-school settings. She works alongside Katherine Pearson.

The majority of our pre-school children stay on with us in Reception, so pre-school staff work closely with our Reception Teacher, Mrs Ingham Thomas, to ensure a smooth transition into full-time school.

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Froxfield Pre-School is a magical place where children can grow at their own pace, where they have the time and freedom to develop creative and critical thought, and where they can become independent, confident and resilient. We bring the indoors outdoors and the outdoors indoors, so that children can investigate, explore and learn with real things in real places.

We provide our children with an environment that enables them to explore, through free and focused activities, developing their innate sense of awe and wonder. All children are born with a natural sense of curiosity which helps them make sense of the world around them. With this in mind, we aim to provide situations where our children can explore widely and make discoveries which can then be developed to build further learning. In this way children lead their own learning and are therefore engaged and see learning as fun. Our thoughtful and intentional practice supports each individual child’s interests, using them to progress their particular development journey.


Froxfield Pre-School Is such a friendly, welcoming nursery.  The staff are always coming up with new and innovative ways for the children to learn and explore whilst having lots of fun.


The teachers are incredibly caring and passionate about the happiness and development of the children - evident by smiles and laughter whenever you arrive.


The children are exposed to all sorts of different and fun activities as well as being allowed to explore and discover new skills independently