Collective Worship

School collective worship takes place on a daily basis and is based on Christian foundations and principles. The children benefit from weekly visits to St. Peter’s Church where the vicar or curate leads collective worship on a Tuesday.

Worship in our school is seen as a special time for all.  It is a time to reflect upon the common values of the school community, to bring the school together and promote a sense of belonging.   It is also a time to help pupils develop a sense of spirituality in the world around them and beyond and to reflect on themes and issues relative to them.

Our core school values are Love, Courage and Respect and we revisit these regularly with the children so that they can build their understanding of what these can mean for us in a Christian context and within our day to day lives. For example, recently children in Reception used their understanding of 'courage' to look at doing things they found difficult or daunting, for example tackling a new piece of playgound equipment.

Our Collective Worship planning covers 18 Christian Values, with one value being the focus for each half-term.  These values include key concepts such as: forgiveness, responsibility, generosity and hope.

In addition, Collective Worship introduces children to features of Church of England worship (including traditional hymns and the cycle of seasons in the church year).

Our Christian Value this half term is: Truthfulness


We light three candles and say our Candle Prayer:

Through our worship,

May God’s peace fill our hearts,

May we learn respect for God’s creation,

May we grow in courage,

To stand up for God’s values.

Watch this story or think of another story you know about someone who wasn't honest.  Draw a picture of time when you didn't tell the whole truth.  What happened?  How did it make you feel?

Our school prayer


This is our school,

May we all live happily together,

May our school be full of joy,

May love grow here among us every day,

Love of one another,

Love of all people everywhere,

Love of life itself,

And love of God.

As many hands built this school.

So everyone can make this school

A lovely place.



Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools

As a Church of England Controlled School we are subject to inspections under the SIAS framework as well as Ofsted. We welcomed our SIAS  inspector to school in November 2017 and were very pleased to be graded as outstanding.